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  • November 2009 : Brooke Hall, Flodden Road (boundary fence) Southwark 10/AP/0231

November 2009 : Brooke Hall, Flodden Road (boundary fence) Southwark 10/AP/0231

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  • 02 Apr 2010 4:21 PM
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    Deleted user
    37 neighbours have been consulted according to the Southwark website. I have not been consulted a a neighbour, but will comment on the application on behalf of the MCA anyway. Any members who have an opinion are welcome to share it here by posting comment.

    Consultation is open to 24th April with a target decision date of 29th April 2010.

    My current point of view is that the proposal could be approved based on:

    - proposed railings are more suitable than the mesh fence erected without permission
    - all trees felled without permission should, as stated, be replaced. Maple trees are an acceptable replacement and should be of a minimum 3-4m height as stated, the felled trees having been mature and of more than double that height.

    However I am concerned that the plans make no mention of replacement of the mature hedge which ran along the length of the perimeter fence before it was removed late last year. This hedge, which was 1.5-2.0m high not only screened the impact of the buildings on site, but also softened the harsh appearance of the boundary, which is extensive on Flodden Road and more so on Baldwin Crescent.

    I would oppose the application therefore in the absence of a commitment to replant the hedge.

    As I say, comments and points of view welcome on this before I submit comment on behalf of the MCA.


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  • 02 Apr 2010 4:21 PM
    Reply # 319381 on 247040
    Deleted user
    Note - the new application is 10/AP/0634
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