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  • November 2009 : Brooke Hall, Flodden Road (boundary fence) Southwark 10/AP/0231

November 2009 : Brooke Hall, Flodden Road (boundary fence) Southwark 10/AP/0231

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  • 19 Nov 2009 8:27 PM
    Message # 247040
    Deleted user
    Several members contacted me to query the removal of the hedge around Brooke Hall and the apparent plan to erect a fence in its place. I have contacted the planning department at Southwark Council to ask for this to be investigated by the planning enforcement officers and will post their response here when I receive it.

    Dear Southwark Planning Team

    Brooke Hall lies within the Camberwell Green Conservation Area. To my knowledge there is no approved planning application for this property.

    I am very concerned to see that the boundary hedge has been removed from the property along Flodden Road and Baldwin Crescent and preparation appears to be underway for the erection of a boundary fence, of material as yet unknown but with concrete posts, of approximately 2-3 metres height.

    I believe that the removal of the hedge as well as the erection of such a boundary fence may both be in contravention of planning rules, especially within the conservation area.

    Can you please assure me that your officers will investigate possible infringement of the planning laws? I would like to know the outcome of your analysis.

    Your sincerely

    Jonathan Moore
    Committee Member - Planning
    Minet Conservation Association
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  • 29 Nov 2009 9:27 PM
    Reply # 250564 on 247040
    Deleted user
    The fence is being erected and trees are being felled to make way for it. I have written to Southwark Planning team to raise this issue and follow up on my earlier email of 19th Nov which remains unanswered to date.

    Dear Southwark Planning Team

    I am now even more concerned about the works at Brooke Hall on Flodden Road. In addition to the removal of boundary hedge and installation of -3m high fencing, I now see that they have cut down a tree on the perimeter of the property in Baldwin Crecent. I am sure that there is no planning permission for any of this activity, which additionally falls within the conservation area.

    I will phone on Monday and would appreciate your help to investigate this. I have not had a reply to my previous email below sent 9 days ago (before the tree was cut down and the fence put up).

    Jonathan Moore
    Committee Member - Planning
    Minet Conservation Association
  • 30 Nov 2009 9:37 PM
    Reply # 251140 on 247040
    Deleted user
    Still trying to get a response from Southwark I have today called and written to the planning compliance officer:

    Dear Mr Sangwene
    Have just left you a voicemail to express great concern at works at Brooke Hall that are being carried out at this property. The hedge surrounding the property and running along the pavement on Flodden Road and Baldwin Crescent has been removed, a metal fence of 2.5-3m height is being installed and trees have been chopped down to make way for it. There is no planning permission for any of this work. Can you please investigate and stop any further damage. I would also be like to know what resolution to the existing damage is possible, including replacing the fence with something more appropriate to the conservation area and replanting the trees that have been removed.
    Please let me know what you decide is appropriate. Thanks in advance
    Jonathan Moore
    Minet Conservation Association
  • 02 Dec 2009 9:07 AM
    Reply # 251871 on 247040
    Jamie (Administrator)

    Have just checked the notices that have appeared outside Brooke Hall (17 Flodden Road).

    Southwark Council have issued a "Temporary Stop Order" for works relating to the perimiter at Brooke Hall. The notice is in effect from 1 Dec 2009 and expires 28 Dec 2009. The notice cites contravention of planning rules in relation to both height (in excess of 1m high) and materials for the perimiter with Baldwin Crescent and Flodden Road.

    Thanks to Jonathan and local residents who have lobbied Southwark to take this enforcent action.

    Whilst there, two of the contractors team mentioned that they are meeting with Southwark planning officers today (Wed) to work out a way forward. They commented that they had issues with site security and alleged attacks on students.

    I suspect they hope to convince the council planning team that reducing the height of the fence by about 1M is an adequate solution - but this doesn't address the materials issue.

    Jonathan, are you around today to attend on site?

  • 04 Dec 2009 8:51 PM
    Reply # 253022 on 247040
    Well done on getting it stopped. Do you think this may be an opportunity to get the shipping containers removed also?
  • 03 Jan 2010 6:46 PM
    Reply # 263090 on 247040
    Deleted user
    As of Jan 1st 2010 the shipping containers are removed and I am following up with the planning department as to how they intend to resolve the fence situation.
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  • 04 Jan 2010 9:29 PM
    Reply # 263666 on 247040
    Deleted user
    I have confirmation from the Southwark Planning Enforcement team that as of 4th Jan 2010 they have not received any correspondence from the property owners as to their intentions. They wrote to the property owners on the 23rd of December 2009, giving them 21 days from that date to submit a planning application for a new fence and an appropriate landscaping scheme. Advice from the Southwark Conservation Officer and Arboricultural Officer regarding the type of fence and the type and number of tress, was also contained in that letter. Once this timeframe expires on the 13th of January, Southwark will then need to take a decision on formal enforcement action. If works resume at any time between now and then, or after the 13th, this could also include the service a full Stop Notice.
    I also asked what would happen if, now the order to stop work has expired, the property owners were to resume works without consulting the Council further, despite the fact that the works require planning permission. If this occurs I am assured that the likely reaction would be to serve an Enforcement Notice and a full Stop Notice. These Notices, if not complied with, can lead to prosecution by the Council. I am told that the property owners have been made aware of the penalties that can apply in such cases.
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  • 14 Feb 2010 12:58 PM
    Reply # 290836 on 247040
    Deleted user
    Southwark stopped the work and insisted that planning approval be obtained prior to work resuming. he application has now been submitted as follows:

    Proposal:Erection of new boundary treatment fronting Flodden Road and Baldwin Crescent, comprising black painted railings over existing dwarf brick wall to a combined height of 2 metres. Dwarf wall to be rendered and painted off white and associated landscaping.
    Application type:Full Planning Permission
    Case officer:Neil Loubser
    Case officer contact details:020 7525 5451

    Statutory class:Other minor developments
    Applicant:Ritzy Properties Ltd
    Agent:Nicholas Taylor & Associates

    19-23 White Lion Street



    N1 9PD
    Ward:Camberwell Green
    Community council:Camberwell
    Conservation area:Camberwell New Road
    Listed building:Not a listed building
    Date received:04/02/2010
    Statutory start date:No date
    Statutory expiry date:No date
    Consultation period starts:No date
    Consultation period ends:No date
    Press notice date: Not required
    Site notice date: Not required
    Environmental impact assessment status:There is no environmental impact assessment status
    Neighbours and statutory consultation:

    Click here for list of consultees

    Consultation period and how to comment on an application
    The consultation period for this application is not open. Please contact the case officer directly if you have any questions.
    Target decision date:No date
    Expected decision level:There are no expected decision level
    Committee meeting date: To be confirmed
    Decision:Application not yet decided
    Appeal received:This case has no appeals against it

  • 14 Feb 2010 1:02 PM
    Reply # 290837 on 247040
    Deleted user
    The consultation period is not open yet, and has not been specified whether/which neighbours will be consulted. I know the planning officer is monitoring this site carefully, and I have written to ask for details of when the proposed fencing will be detailed such that comments can be made.

    The application, to render and paint the existing low wall and then fit black painted metal railings to a combined height of 2m sounds in principle to be good, a much more appropriate boundary than the nearly 3m high mesh fencing that was being installed without permission in November last year.

    I will be seeking detail of the style of railings to ensure they are appropriate for the conservation area, and to ask about replanting of bushes and shrubbery that were illegally removed at the end of last year.

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  • 02 Apr 2010 4:13 PM
    Reply # 319377 on 247040
    Deleted user
    The documents showing plans and details of replacement trees (3-4m maple trees for every felled tree) and specific details of fence appearance (black painted railings similar to those around the TA centre on Flodden Road) can be seen at:

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