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  • 01 Jun 2010 3:00 PM
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    I will be attending a presentation by the owners of the site at which they will explain their plans, show a model of the proposed development and answer questions. This will take place on Saturday 5th June at 1630 at the site.
  • 03 Jul 2010 10:19 AM
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    At the presentation I was shown plans and elevations of the proposed house to be built on the site. If any members wish to see these please email me at jonathnjmoore@me.com

    I am in the process of drafting a position on this proposal and will consult with any members who express an interest and with the MCA committee.

  • 25 Jul 2010 3:38 PM
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    This is probably the most significant application for the MCA to consider for a single residential property in recent years. The site has been a problem for many years, most recently with tipping and waste associated with the disused garages which were built on it. In principle, the MCA supports development of the site.

    Following the site presentation by the architect, the MCA committee considered the application at its July meeting, raising concerns as follows:

    1. Independent of any comment on the design, the impact of the application on the area is significant as this is the first of at least eight similar sites to be considered and hence will set a precedent (sites on Upstall Street, Welby Street, Inglis Street and Denmark Road)

    2. Design of new build in a conservation area should not be a detriment to the area, but equally not a faux/pastiche version of existing stock. The committee feels that this design, certainly not a pastiche, does damage the existing look and feel of Penford Street, both for existing residents and passing pedestrians.

    3. The design includes a partially exposed, forward facing roof terrace which the MCA feels is contrary to the design principles of the area

    4. The design does not sufficiently reflect the surrounding structures, being only partly in line with the terraced houses to the right of it, but then stepping out towards the pavement in an abrupt and intrusive manner as viewed from the street. Whilst this forward sited part of the building is level with the side garden wall of the house to the left of it the MCA feels this is not a relevant consideration as one is a low height garden wall and one a much taller section of a two storey house.

    5. Privacy to the house, the front windows of which are much closer to the pavement than neighbours', is provided by a high front wall to be built level with the pavement. This creates a visual exclusion to the property which is to the detriment of the open style and facade of properties in the conservation area, specifically those neighbouring the property to the right.

    6. The negative impact of the design on the area is driven significantly by the non-alignment with neighbouring properties of impactful horizontal features (window levels, brick patterns and roof line). This is particulalry the case as the properties to the right form a dramatic an impactful terrace, the horizontal aspects of which drive the appearance of the whole street.

    These concerns will be shared with the architect in advance of the application being submitted.
  • 18 Sep 2010 4:39 PM
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    A revised proposal has been developed and neighbours and the MCA have been invited to comment. The revised design involves digging down to build a two storey property with a net overall height similar to a one storey one.

    If any members would like to see the plans please email me at jonathanjmoore@me.com

    I will be providing comment to the architect before the end of September.
  • 16 Oct 2010 10:03 AM
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    Dear Anton, Tobias

    Just to confirm what I said his week, the MCA position is to support this application with two provisos:

    - that the solar panel not be visible from street level whether horizontal or on an angle
    - that a condition be placed such that the roof cannot be used as a roof terrace in the future

    We think this is a clever design that is a positive development of this tricky site.

    I will say the same in comment to the planning application once you submit it.

    Jonathan Moore

    On 15 Sep 2010, at 11:04, Anton Raimondo wrote:

    Dear Neighbours,

    Thank you for all your feedback at the presentation we did for the proposed 'eco-home' on the 5th of June. We spent some time afterwards consulting with those who weren't able to make the presentation and hope that we have taken everyone's thoughts and concerns onboard.

    The summary of the feedback we had was unanimous support, in principle, for the development of the site. Concerns were raised for our specific proposal in terms of its design and how it fitted in with the rest of the street, the 2nd floor balcony and, to a lesser extent, the height/size of the building.

    In light of your feedback, we have fundamentally re-thought the approach to the site and the design of the building. We have come up with a proposal for an eco-friendly two-bedroom house over ground and lower ground floors. With this design, the impact on the streetscape is negligible, as most of the building is hidden behind the boundary walls or underground. There are no balconies and obviously the massing and the height of the building has been greatly reduced. Please see the attached pdf which includes a rendering of the site with the proposed eco-home, floor-plans and elevations of the building and a brief description of the eco-friendly nature of the building.

    We intend submitting an application to the planning authorities for this design and hope that it does address the concerns you raised. If you do have any comments and would like to voice your support for the application, we would be pleased to hear from you. It would be appreciated if you contacted either Anton or our architect, Tobias, directly and by the end of this month, by which point we will be considering submitting the application.

    Kind Regards,

    Anton and Therese

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